From an early age, I have always taken control, in any given situation, either with men or women.  Not knowing that there was a word that described me, until later in life.  As a Dominatrix, I realized that my life has been full of wonderful sexual experiences, of which I am very much in control.

As THE Fitness Fetish Goddess, I am afforded the luxury of introducing many vanilla types to the BDSM world.  Most people haven’t even realized that they have a fetish until it is properly introduced.  As a fierce fitness competitor and an experienced Swinger, I have managed to envelop many lifestyles and influence many different types of people along the way.  One might say that I have a very fulfilling lifestyle myself.

Something that separates me from others in the Fetish world, is that I really enjoy sex with men and women and incorporate all forms of sex into all aspects of my life, either; fitness, swinger or BDSM.  I am not ritualistic in the fact that one must follow certain rules in the fetish world.  I, in fact feel that there are no rules as long as everyone is safe and enjoying themselves.  I feel that each encounter should be sexual in nature and because it is sexual, there  should be a sexual release.  Each individual involved should experience this ‘release’ in what ever fashion suits them best.