Here you will find all the things that make up my wonderful lifestyle. My daily life and all kinky thoughts that go through my naughty little mind. I will talk about and inform you of…
 **Updates to My Website ** 
Here you will be able to see all Recent Updates and Trailers that are on my ever-changing website ( I upload new and exciting adventures a couple of times a week. There is always something for everyone and plenty to keep you busy.

 **Want to Watch Me do a Live Video Shoot? ** 

I do Custom videos for fans all the time as well as have members of my web site cum to one of my live video shoots and watch.

**Behind the Scenes**  

I often do interviews before, during and after a shoot. Sometimes we just leave the cameras rolling and its fun to catch all of us cutting up when the Director isn’t looking. Sometimes I secretly stroke a fans cock in between takes until he is ready to explode. Then I walk away only to tease him more later…

**My Everyday Life**

 A lot of my blogs will be about the things I do from day-to-day like; shopping, gym, spa, events, photo shoots, meeting with producers and such.


**My Workouts**  

It takes a lot to keep the body of this Muscle Goddess in top shape. I will give you some insight into my daily workout routine and maybe let you take a peek up my gym shorts 😉


**My Diet**

 Its funny, but I get lots of fans asking me what I eat, when I eat, where I eat and other aspects of my food intake. I often will list these here.


Feel free to talk to me about anything and everything. Leave your comments, suggestions and ideas. I will answer all question, don’t be shy! Ask me! You probably won’t be shocked at my answers…