Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my blog page!  Feel free to comment on anything you see or hear about me, Ashlee Chambers.

As you know, I am THE Fitness Fetish Goddess.  I have been a Dominatrix all my life, commanding slaves (men and women), has always been easy for me.  Now that I have evolved into one of the Fetish Community’s premier Dominatrix, all my sexual exploits have been delicious and wildly fulfilling.

However; I would like for you, my fans, to know and understand that I am different from many FemDoms.  I actually enjoy having extreme sexual encounters as well, with both men and women (my fans).  I am different in the fact that I truly am a nympho.  I love a nice hard cock as well as a tight juicy pussy.

My sexual appetites seem much stronger than most individuals.  Being Super Fit and taking great care of my muscular body, causes my libido to go through the roof!  My pussy is always wet and my fantasies often involve taking advantage of an unsuspecting individual… Luring him or her with my charms until I have them in my snare.  I then take from them their sexual essence as my own.  They willingly give to me, until they can give no more…

There are many other aspects that fit very well into my Fetish lifestyle.  Besides being an accomplished Dominatrix, I am also a serious fitness competitor as well as an experienced Swinger.  I enjoy introducing all types of vanilla people to the Fetish world.  I will get into those topics in other blogs, please check back often…

Ashlee Chambers