How to avoid being Scammed – Fake Accounts, Flakes and Scammers

With the current trend of social media platforms, (Twitter, Instagram, Dating sites etc.) and no form of regulation or control, fake accounts and scammers are running rampid. Having said that, someone or several someones have taken to impersonating Me and many other FemDommes. They are using My image and information to steal from unsuspecting people like yourselves. As the old saying goes “Impersonation is the truest form of flattery,” but when someone is stealing from you and Me, its not flattering at all. Here are some ways to avoid having this happen to you. These tips will help you learn how to spot a fake FemDomme and avoid being scammed on social media and on dating sites.

Here is My only official contact information;

cell: 813-325-0956

emails: / / /

Twitter: &

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Scammers are always really nice…

Scammers will always reach out to you first, butter you up and make you a lot of promises, comment on you posts, like them, and do what ever it takes to draw you in. Does this “FemDomme” sound amazing? Does she sound like your dream come true? Too good to be true? Is she sending you videos and pics? (Videos and pics without a watermark are a dead giveaway as the scammer cropped the watermark off.) Are you getting suspicious? Then you are right, she probably isn’t real. Why is she doing this? She is trying to draw you out, and it might be a while before she asks for money. But have no fear, she WILL ask! Scammers may even look and sound like the real thing. As long as you are aware and cautious, you can pick up on the scam before it coust you and money.

One of the key points on spotting a scammer is that they use a variation of My name or email address, changing a letter or number that might slip by you if you aren’t careful during your excitement to communicate. Also check for the “follower count” which will be a much lower number with little or no followers. Did the account find you or did you find it?!? If any of these are true then the account is FAKE and you are being scammed. I can tell you right now and you probably already know this but FemDommes do not reach out as we simply don’t have time, you have to find and contact us.

Always, always, ALWAYS reverse Google search the images in question.

This step is important! Learning how to spot a fake and find STOLEN images online is to reverse image search them. By doing this you can see where the images come up elsewhere and see other information about the images. See if a website pops up. Does the name match or is it slightly different? When was the photo published and by whom? See, with these tools you can spot a scam. Also, just FYI; FemDommes and others never change their names. Our names are our brands and we protect them fiercely. If something doesn’t match, then you have a fake FemDomme. Bottom line; if a person approaches you from any media platform or website that looks suspicious and asks you for money, you ARE being scammed.

Kink, Fetish or Swinger Dating sites;

In My experience, well over half of the profiles on these paid dating sites are fake. If the membership is free, most likely every account is fake. I’m on (Google it.) I use it to keep up with My swinger friends and fuck buddies. But that is a different story for a different time. Check My other blogs for details. If you are on a dating site of any kind, be very careful as fakes and scammers troll for unsuspecting members looking for a hook up and will tell you anything you can imagine to win your trust. If you do find someone of interest, immediately insist on speaking on the phone to verify they are real before proceeding. If they stall for any reason… you guessed it, FAKE!

If you find a scammer or fake using My images or name…

Please take a screenshot of their profile link, any images they sent you, any conversations and any contact information on them. Send all that you can gather to; Support@AshleeChambers.comor

Thank you 😉