I have noticed a big shift in the way people are looking at the world of kink. Since the novels and movies “50 Shades of Gray,” BDSM is becoming more and more mainstream. What used to be kept hush hush and in the dark, has now become talked about out in the open and discussed in mainstream media. Participants in this “scene” tend to have in common an adventurous attitude and a high sex drive,(Me included!) There is wide variety within this community: some people merely incorporate some kinky practices into a private sexual life as a couple, while others live a total BDSM lifestyle. Recently a few voices within the mainstream sexology profession have begun not only to educate colleagues to “normalize” BDSM and fetish practices, but to also point out some of the striking sexually intelligent practices within this community – for example, the tremendous communication skills and the use of BDSM “scenes” for therapy and healing. Due to BDSM being so misunderstood in the past, people often experienced shame before coming out as BDSM participants. This is all changing as I am leading the way through private sessions with individuals of all sexual identities, and educating people through events, seminars and workshops!

A recent study showed that there are more people who engage in “kinky” sexual practices than there are people who identify as gay, straight, lesbian or bisexual. What I have found, is that kinky, fetish practices (BDSM) are found in all sexual relationships and the most common practice used by all in the world of BDSM is… Communication!

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