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February 2012 ~ Naked Girls Workout


Ever been at the gym and saw a couple of really hot chicks working out? You keep staring and hoping to get a glimpse up their shorts or maybe down their shirt. Imagine if they were totally naked and let you watch all you wanted. Well… now is your chance! Check out Darkside Milinda and Me workoout naked in the gym! Guess what we do for each other at the end…

Darkside Milinda and Me working out in the gym!


Brandi Mae (www.breandimae.com) & I Fucking Vegetables!


My sexy friend Brandi Mae and I go grocery shopping and come back with some huge vegetables. Of course we were super horny, as always,and decided to fuck ourselves (and each other) with our new toys. Our huge clits got super swollen thinking about it, so we just jumped up on the kitchen counter and went right to work. First we double teamed a very big cucumber, then we took turns on each other with a very large squash. It was awesome!






Alexis Golden and I had been out shopping, trying on and buying all types and kinds of new heels, stockings and hose. What a wonderful afternoon we had! Feeling the silk and nylon against our skin, and buying all the latest styles in high heels. We hurried home so we could get ready and go out to the clubs and show off our new outfits. Of course we were pantiless and enjoyed teasing all the guys as we danced the night away. We went home and found ourselves on the bed together…

Talk about kinky fun! Alexis Golden and I recently hooked up with Jenny Densuke. She is ‘The World’s First “RealDoll” Porn Star.’ Check her out at http://www.regardingjenny.com It all started around midnight. We were all sleeping in different rooms in this beautiful house. The three of us must have woken up at the same time and had the same thing on our minds…

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