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I unleashed My wicked side on TWO unsuspecting individuals.  One is Kid Dynamite, a truly sick footslave of mine.  I tie him up and make him jack off on his own face.  The other is an unreliable cable guy.  After he made the mistake of being 6 hours late, I made him My slave and tied up his cock for some CBT!  Both the footslave and the cableguy are made to please Me, their Goddess!

I was over at my “boss’s” house waiting for him to return so I could do something naughty to him. As I was keeping myself “busy,” I stumbled across a Magic Wand that he left out for me to find. I was surprised at how much power this thing had…


I’ve kept My footslave, Kid Dynamite, tied upside down all day. I stuff My tiny feet into his mouth as I tie his cock and balls so tightly that they turn blue. After I stuff My dirty stockings in his mouth and torture his cock with My cane, I humiliate him by forcing him to jack off and cum in his own face as he licks and cleans the soles of My feet…

Swinging & BDSM

I often host Swinger events in different cities when I travel. It is so fun to meet people that are new to the swinging lifestyle as well as couples and singles that have been doing it for years. I love interacting with my fans at these events and seeing old friends that I have partied with many times in the past.

Recently; I was in Dallas to host the ‘Freaky Friday’ fetish party at the Iniquity Swinger club. I brought in lots of fetish gear; a St. Andrews cross, Twister (a fucking/spanking bench,) one of my fucking machines and ‘The Wedge”.  All of these pieces can be viewed in action at My site ~ 

It is always such a joy to see someone’s face light up after I give them a little taste of pain (spanking, a Violet Wand, etc) immediately followed be some pleasure (a Magic Wand, etc) and have them say “I had no idea I would enjoy that so much. Please Goddess, may I have another!”…

I get lots of support from the Swinging Lifestylers as they all know that swinging is where I got my start. I also enjoy representing the BDSM lifestyle and presenting it to swingers. My goal is to build the bridge between swinging and BDSM. So many people are unaware that they have a fetish. (Which can be anything, you are only limited by your imagination.)

Hello Everyone!

Please visit’s blog page,  I am honored that they wrote an article complimenting my work.  Here is the article link,

Also, please visit their website,, as they are considered one of the premier bondage websites in the world and are the #1 bondage website in the Southern Hemisphere.

I would like to thank them for their support!



Happy Holidays

Hello Everyone! Merry Christmas and happy Holidays! I wish all of you and yours a safe and happy holiday. I started the day with an early leg workout that took a couple of hours. I then spent the rest of the day with family and friends, either at their homes or on webcam. I finished out the day and evening answering emails from all my fans and scheduling events for the first couple of weeks in January.

I wish all of you the happiest of holidays and a happy New Year…

Fucking Cableguy! He made me wait all day! When he finally got to my house, I was really pissed. After I lured him into my dungeon though, he was all mine to take advantage of. I tortured his cock with some rope bondage and slapped it around a bit. Then had him satisfy my tight little pussy with his stiff dick until…


I insisted that a friend from out of town stay at my place for a couple of days. After he was settled in, I went in to his room to see if he was ‘comfy.’ He was looking at some of my pics on and his big black cock was bulging through his pants. I teased him with a couple of sexy poses of my strong, muscular body. After a while, we couldn’t stand it any longer…

I am ready for a nice, hard pounding from my favorite toy!  I climb on “twister” (my doggie style bondage device), which puts my ass up and in just the right position.  I slip the bottle into my hot, wet pussy.  I love how the beer bottle stretches my tight little box….

As we all know, anyone that has an internet connection, has at some point, looked at porn. Some of us are addicted and look at porn all the time, but I will talk about porn addiction in another post.
 While surfing through the endless sea of porn, the urge to click on these so called “Free Porn” websites is overwhelming. After visiting a few of these “Free Porn” websites, one might say to themselves; “What the hell?!? Why have I been paying for porn all this time when there is so much out there that is free!?!” …Sound familiar? 

Ok, let’s make sure that everyone knows that NOTHING is EVER free. Let that sink in for a second …as all of you start to nod your head and say, “Yeah… that’s right, anything that says its free is usually very expensive in some way or another.” (How many of you are married or have girlfriends? That pussy is not so free is it?!?) If you are often looking at these “Free Porn” websites, here is something to consider…


  Religious groups have other religious hackers, hack into these “Free Porn” sites and load very small viruses that can get by your best and most expensive “virus protection.” Sense these viruses are very small, over time they get around your beloved Firewall and start to break down your computer system. Most of you have probably noticed that things do not work the same on your system as they used to. Soon your computer starts to crash more often until finally one day, it crashes and never comes back to life. You lose everything. These viruses are also passed along to any back up storage system you may have in place. (Pictures from last summer at Grandma’s and the videos of Jimmy growing up… all gone.) …Sound familiar?

There is even evidence that many of these religious fanatics start up most of these “Free Porn” websites themselves. This allows them to hack away at you computer system at will, when you click on one of their sites. Not only do their small viruses attach your system, but they go a few steps farther and get banking information as well as all your email addresses, just to name a few. Suddenly; your world starts to crumble as your banking accounts go haywire and your friends and family get porn spam and emails that are easily traced back to YOU! …Sound familiar?

I pass along this vital information to you, my fans, in an effort to help protect your anonymity as well as your love for porn. We must not allow these fanatics to have their way with us, over something that is protected under the Constitution.

The best way to keep any of this from happening to all of you is to STOP LOOKING AT FREE PORN SITES!!!