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As you all know, I have always been a Swinger at heart. Swinging was how I got into doing all of my websites and modeling. For a long time, I would always go to other swingers’ parties and have fun with lots of new people as well as old friends. It wasn’t long before I started having My own XXX fun parties and events!

Due to the Covid pandemic, my parties and events came to an end. Well NOT ANY MORE!

I want all of my faithful fans, followers and subscribers to know that I have decided to start my fun adult parties and events up again. I want to invite all of you along for the ride as well!

For my XXX parties, we will start by having a series of meet and greets. This will give everyone a chance to meet and get acquainted with each other. Send me an email and I’ll give you all the details. Do you have your own ideas for meet and greets and XXX parties that you would like for me to host for you? Contact me and we will set things up!

I also host many different types of events from fetish parties, birthday parties, bachelor / bachelorette parties, to name a few. Have other ideas?… Send me an email and we will discuss the details!

Email Me: support@AshleeChambers.com

I’m so excited! Can’t wait to let the fun begin again!!

Ashlee 😉

During these trying times, it is easy to get caught up in all of the gloom and doom, and not realize that things are not so bad in life if you just make a few changes. You are not going to just stop watching porn and you are certainly not going to stop pleasuring yourself, right? All you need to do is get a little creative and change things up a bit.

I have always enjoyed listening to My faithful members / subscribers, by setting up roleplay scenes for them, and living out their fantasies so they can experience them with Me. Nowadays, we are staying at home more often and not able to see each other in person. Well, perhaps it’s not so bad if you have another way to get your kink on.

I have always offered cam shows and virtual shows but here lately, I have been getting more requests than I could have ever imagined. AND I LOVE IT!!!  Everyone is staying at home, and working from home and so am I!

All you need to do is set up a session with Me and we can get started. Just this morning, one of My loyal fans wanted a cam show to see how I started My day. We started our one-on-one cam show with Me getting out of bed and into the shower. He got to join in while I took a shower and he helped Me pick out the dildo I would use to make Myself cum several times. It was so HOT! Then we both got our coffee fix on while he helped Me pick out an outfit to wear to the gym, (no panties of course.) After the outfit, we made one of My power breakfasts and got that inside Me before I rubbed one out, one last time before heading out the door. (My huge clit is always sooo demanding and has to have ALL of the attention.) At the gym, people love it when I come in. I set up My tripod, mount My phone and show off My tight muscular body to My fan as he watches Me work out and cheers Me on. (My pussy gets so wet during My workouts!!)…

Be sure and check back later for part 2…

Kisses~ Ashlee Chambers

As you can see from my pictures and videos, being in great shape is more than just a lifestyle, it is my life! I have been a personal trainer and lifestyle couch for over 10 years, transforming people’s minds and bodies into works of art. I have helped overweight individuals, people that want to gain more lean body mass, fitness enthusiasts, athletes and physique competitors to meet their fitness goals. I have taken my passion for fitness and nutrition to a new level by providing hundreds of clients all over the world with individualized programs tailored to their goals.

My promise is to provide clients with tailored training and nutrition programs in order to help them achieve the physique they desire. For me, it’s more about fitting people with a program that fits their lifestyle, dietary preferences and goals; more so than having an expensive personal trainer at a gym that treats all their clients the same way.
Click on the link below and let’s get started!!


Hi everyone!  I have been getting a lot of e-mails from guys asking if I really like to swallow.  Of course my answer is YES!

These guys go on to ask if I had any pointers to give them so that they can get their partner to swallow too.

Now, I know that there are lots of women out there that simply can’t stand to swallow a man’s cum.  I believe it has everything to do with their first time swallowing.

Let me explain.  Say a women is giving a blowjob and has never swallowed cum in her life.  She finally gives in and agrees to swallow.  She waits patiently and is not quite sure what to expect.  All of a sudden, she has a mouth full of the most awful tasting ‘something’ and all she wants to do is get it out of her mouth.  Of course the last thing she wants to do is SWALLOW!  After an experience like that, chances are that you will NEVER get her to do it again.

Here’s what you do.  Most guys have no idea that their cum tastes terrible.  How WOULD you know?!?  Well, it’s your diet.  What you put in your mouth is going to wind up in your cum.  Most guys eat a lot of fat, salty, spicy food.  Of course your cum is going to taste like a combination of all these things.

Try cleaning up your diet with some fresh fruits and vegetables.  Drink at least a gallon and a half of water on workout days, and one gallon of water on non-workout days.  Not only will your cum taste better, but with the proper water intake, you will have much more volume (like male porn stars do).

Here’s what the guys I work with do.  They clean up their diet for a few weeks or so before the shoot… On the day of the shoot, a couple of hours before, they get a pineapple smoothie with extra pineapple juice added.  VOILA, perfect tasting cum.  If a guy shoots his load on my chest or flat belly, I often scoop it up and put it in my mouth. YUM!

Try this at home and let me know how it works…


From time to time, I like to chain up one of my slaves and smother him by sitting on his face. I tie his cock up and allow him to worship my strong muscular body. As I tease and deny him, it isn’t long before he is about to explode. I reward him by relieving the pressure that has built up from having his cock and balls tied up for so long…

Muscle Tease


I insisted that a friend from out of town stay at my place for a couple of days. After he was settled in, I went in to his room to see if he was ‘comfy.’ He was looking at some of my pics on SheMuscle.com and his big black cock was bulging through his pants. I teased him with a couple of sexy poses of my strong, muscular body. After a while, we couldn’t stand it any longer…

As we all know, anyone that has an internet connection, has at some point, looked at porn. Some of us are addicted and look at porn all the time, but I will talk about porn addiction in another post.
 While surfing through the endless sea of porn, the urge to click on these so called “Free Porn” websites is overwhelming. After visiting a few of these “Free Porn” websites, one might say to themselves; “What the hell?!? Why have I been paying for porn all this time when there is so much out there that is free!?!” …Sound familiar? 

Ok, let’s make sure that everyone knows that NOTHING is EVER free. Let that sink in for a second …as all of you start to nod your head and say, “Yeah… that’s right, anything that says its free is usually very expensive in some way or another.” (How many of you are married or have girlfriends? That pussy is not so free is it?!?) If you are often looking at these “Free Porn” websites, here is something to consider…


  Religious groups have other religious hackers, hack into these “Free Porn” sites and load very small viruses that can get by your best and most expensive “virus protection.” Sense these viruses are very small, over time they get around your beloved Firewall and start to break down your computer system. Most of you have probably noticed that things do not work the same on your system as they used to. Soon your computer starts to crash more often until finally one day, it crashes and never comes back to life. You lose everything. These viruses are also passed along to any back up storage system you may have in place. (Pictures from last summer at Grandma’s and the videos of Jimmy growing up… all gone.) …Sound familiar?

There is even evidence that many of these religious fanatics start up most of these “Free Porn” websites themselves. This allows them to hack away at you computer system at will, when you click on one of their sites. Not only do their small viruses attach your system, but they go a few steps farther and get banking information as well as all your email addresses, just to name a few. Suddenly; your world starts to crumble as your banking accounts go haywire and your friends and family get porn spam and emails that are easily traced back to YOU! …Sound familiar?

I pass along this vital information to you, my fans, in an effort to help protect your anonymity as well as your love for porn. We must not allow these fanatics to have their way with us, over something that is protected under the Constitution.

The best way to keep any of this from happening to all of you is to STOP LOOKING AT FREE PORN SITES!!!


Sex and BDSM

In the BDSM world, there are two views on dealing with sex, (penetration).  One is on a Professional Dominatrix level, (a session) and one is on a personal level (a scene). I have talked about this before, about me being a ‘different’ kind of Dominatrix as compared to most.

First let me clarify that in my Professional Dominatrix ‘sessions’, I receive ‘tributes’.  There is absolutely NO SEX, (penetration), and my Dominatrix ‘sessions”, will not be associated in any way with a prostitute/escort.

However; with that being said, the ‘no sex rule’ does not apply in my personal world. I require that my partner(s) ‘relieve’ me (multiple times), during or after a ‘scene’ as the sexual tension reaches its boiling point.  (Of course; after I get mine, then they get theirs.)  BDSM and all its kinks get me so hot and horny personally; I can hardly see the reason for not having sex as the ultimate climax.  To me, what would be the point?!?  As I said, this is only my personal world.  (Check out my website at www.AshleeChambers.com to see me enjoy myself in this manner.)

There are those out there in the BDSM world that think there should not be any sexual contact (penetration), during a session.  There appears to be a rule or ‘ritual’ started some time ago, that anyone who is a Dom/Domme of any sort, should not intend, nor expect to have sex on any level with their sub during a scene/session.  There are two sides to this coin and I happen to enjoy both, BDSM with sex on a personal level and BDSM without sex on a professional level…

Goddess Ashlee




I am often asked how I got my start in porn.  I have always had an insatiable appetite for all forms of sex, a true nymphomaniac.  As life went on, I explored with many different types of lifestyles.  I insisted in being in control but was also drawn to strong Dominate men, which for a time, was quite the conflict.

At some point, a boy-toy I was dating at the time introduced me to Swinging.  we went to a Swinging convention that lasted the weekend and afterwards; I was hooked.  Here I seemed to have found my niche.  I could really be my sexual self and be accepted by all involved.  I tried things with other men and women that I had only fantasized about before, all in the space of a couple of days.  By the time we got back home, I was exhausted; but had so much sexual energy that I couldn’t rest or sleep.  I was definitely hooked.

I started going to every swinging convention, hotel take-over, swinger club, meet and greet, and house party that was thrown for swingers.  Soon, I was throwing my own parties where we had wild orgies and endless sex marathons for days.  Couples and singles came and went as they pleased and the party never slowed down until I was just too exhausted to continue, only to start the whole thing up again the next weekend.

There were always pictures being taken and video cameras rolling and somehow, I managed to be in every picture and on every video.  Many times I was asked why I didn’t have a web site up since I truly enjoyed having sex in every possible way, and I had absolutely no problem being filmed.

For a while I toyed with the idea until one weekend I met a really cool webmaster that gave me some great ideas.  He was also a Master Dom.  He took me to my first BDSM/Swinger party.  In one of the rooms, the host had a fully functioning dungeon.  I watched the Master at work on a sub and my pussy got sooo wet.  The rest is history as I have now become a rather hot Dominatrix.  The Master and I stay in touch and every now and then we do a scene together, but more on that later…

Goddess Ashlee