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New Year 2020

We have had great times in the past years but the New Year 2020 will be even better! Thank you for being such a great fan and a special shout out to all My loyal Members!

I have added a lot of new and kinky furniture devices to My Dallas Dungeon collection and can’t wait to use them on you! Also, Mistress Daria and I have started a brand new club for Crossdressing Enthusiasts as well as the novice Crossdressers. Its call “Dazzling Dolz Club” (DazzlingDolzClub.com) and we are hosting our very first event on Feb 1st! For details, email Me through My DazzlingDolzClub.com website!

I have a lot of new and exciting parties and events planned for the coming New Year in addition to all the usual fun and perks from the past. Yes, I have even more new perks for My websites as well as FREE tips and advice about all the things you might be curious about!

I have plans on visiting many new cities this year! Be sure and send Me your existing or new email address so that My files are current and up to date. I want to keep you informed of all the new things that are happening!

Check My travel dates and schedule as I am adding new travel plans weekly. Also, I am hosting many new private events and I would love to send you special private invites! These can include Swinger parties, BDSM parties, Alt. Lifestyle as well as gay and lesbian parties and many more just to name a few. Get an invite and be My special guest! Lets make 2020 the funnest and kinkiest year yet!

Email Me at: Support@AshleeChambers.com Send Me any ideas that you have and lets put them in the schedule for the year!

Goddess Ashlee



I am a naturally dominant woman and instinctively drawn to control men. I am a Pro Domme and a Fetish Model. I require My subjects to obey and have a deep interest in serving. The right to worship Me must be earned. I also love to be pampered by male pets, who can caress every desire I have in domestic and financial areas.

As you can see, I am incredibly physical and love working out.

I’m a Responsible, Strict, Disciplinarian. Domination is not an act for Me, it is a part of my personality that has always been there for as long as I can remember. I discovered a place where I could embrace My dominance and that a dominant female should be cherished and worshiped. For Me this is a profession that I have chosen and love. A sophisticated lady blessed with sultry exotic looks and a classic, hourglass pin up figure. Don’t be fooled by My demure appearance – My penetrating green eyes will break you down, lead you astray and miss nothing.

I seek perfection. I demand Respect, Worship and Strict obedience.  My manner is extremely Dominant and Controlling without being cold or harsh.  I do not scream, yell or insult the intelligence or physical shortcomings of My submissives.  I am a sensual sadist and can be cruel but I am also understanding to the needs of the novice. So for those of you with little experience, I can gently guide you into the depth of your submission and you will find that submission comes easily. However, for those more seasoned players,  I can be hard and demanding.

I am Far from your average Domina next door. I’m very beautiful, erotic and intense. Yes, I look exactly like My pictures. I actually look and always feel like a GODDESS, not just calling Myself one. I am very feminine and elegant. My body is absolutely intoxicating, measuring 34EE-22-34.  I have My own Dungeon and several websites.

COME BE APART OF MY QUEENDOM~ http://goddessashlee.com/join-now

Come be My Plaything~





I had been teasing one of My out of town cucks all day and decided to have him listen in while I had one of My BBC’s pound My tight little pussy. The BBC knocked on My door right when he was supposed to, as I had the cuck on the phone waiting. The BBC pounded and stretched My little box while My cuckold patiently listened and imagined what was going on….

Alexis Golden and I love getting ours faces fucked, deep-throating each guy until we nearly choke. This was our first Bukkake and we were such cock whores. No amount of cum could satisfy us. There were big black cocks as well as “regular” guys. Each one had a couple of huge loads stored up for us. Over and over, our faces were sprayed with hot jiz. I was so horny and my little pussy was soaking wet…

I am such a cock whore, especially for big black cock. I have a cuckold slave that I like to tie up and make him watch me get my tight little white pussy pounded and stretched by one of my huge black bulls. This massive dark meat works my pussy over really good, then sprays me all over with hot cum. The cuckold starts to squirm when I make him lick the bulls hot cum off my giant tits…

Taming Rikochan

I want you all to meet My newest fan, and My newest submissive Rikochan.Visit her at…http://rikochanpornstar.com/

Rikochan, soon we will meet to begin your training. Your fantasy begins…

…I left her standing there, …desperately looking around trying to understand her surroundings. Letting her thoughts run wild, as if she were a small new-born deer in the forest. Alone, waiting, anticipating what could possibly happen next, …but having an uncontrollable curiosity to stay put, perhaps even venture forward, but hesitant.

She does not know where I went off to. I’m there, …secretly watching, waiting for the right moment to show my presence again. I allow her to absorb all that is going on around her. The silence is deafening. The smells from the dank basement gym are a mixture of salty sweat, rusting steel and leather. Its cold down here, just the way I like it. I want her surroundings to attach her senses. It appears to be working.

I finally approach from out of no where. I bark at her like a Drill Sergeant, she nearly comes out of her skin. She cowers a bit, mumbling something as I force her to look into my eyes. Good. I have total control. I gently reach out and start to undress My new submissive, to inspect her…

I will not go into great detail, as a true Dominatrix does not disclose her craft or methodology…

When I’m done, she staggers up the stairs from the basement gym. I can not help but feel that she has turned a corner in her life. After only one “training” session, I think she is going to do well. Now… her mind is racing, realizing that there is no turning back. She will only be limited …by her imagination. I look forward to our future “workouts.”

 Goddess Ashlee~

‘Dirty Boss’

Instead of being the Maid that services, I sometimes become the Maid that gets serviced. I went over to one of my black bosses to ‘clean.’ After staring at my tight ass in my tiny Maid outfit, his big black cock got raging hard and was about to jump out of his pants. Soon, I was getting serviced just the way I like by getting my little pussy stretched and pounded…

I love tying up one of My faithful slaves and leaving them there for hours, anticipating My naughty return. When I finally came back, he was made to watch Me pleasure Myself with a huge black dildo that I drove deep into My tiny pussy and made Myself cum numerous times. I could see that his cock was about to explode, so I gently stroked and milked all the cum out of him until there wasn’t a single drop left…

My Definition of BDSM

I have been asked and approached on many occasions about my definition of BDSM.  BDSM is really hard to pin down with generalized statements since at it’s core, it involves a variety of different aspects.  B/D=Bondage and Discipline.  D/S=Domination and Submission.  S/M=Sadism and Masochism.  Some people prescribe to just one of those while others might enjoy all aspects.  Also, within even these categories there are seemingly innumerable numbers of kinks.  Some kinks do center around humiliation or degradation.  A submissive may enjoy these things in various forms; whether it’s physical, emotional or mental.

So yes, some people may prefer a flavor of BDSM which is more degrading to the submissive, but not ALL BDSM is oriented that way.  Some see submission and dominance as complimentary gifts to be given and accepted by one another… that there is beauty in the dynamic.  I know that for my own dynamic, trust and respect is paramount between me and my sub.  Even in scenes that might be ‘rough’ for my sub physically, mentally or emotionally… we have discussed the scene prior to engaging in it and have ‘negotiated’ what is and is not acceptable.  Along with always having  safewords.

I have also been asked if there could have been life changing events that cause a predilection for BDSM in people.  It could be an interesting psychology evolution.  However; in my sphere of friends… we haven’t found a consistent theme.  People come from all walks of life and all sorts of backgrounds and careers.

Just as I started this reply by indicating just how many varieties and flavors of BDSM there are… these are just my own thoughts and views on the matter.  Depending on who you talk to, you may receive just as many answers.

Keep in mind, as with any group, there are some who take things to greater extremes than others…

Goddess Ashlee